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Mineral Masterpiece is the fine mineral business of Thomas Spann, G.G., who considers himself to be a true collector at heart.

Our goal and our passion is to offer specimens and gemstones chosen for their superb aesthetics and overall high quality. We believe in building sustainable relationships with our customers. As such, if we can help you in any way with your collection--whether you are seeking advice or a new treasured specimen--don't hesitate to contact us.

Thomas Spann, G.G.

Take one part teacher, one part photographer, add early exposure to minerals and you've got one passionate mineral dealer.

My enthusiasm for minerals began even at a young age. Though surrounded by beautiful scenery in the woods of Connecticut, flora and fauna all around, my eyes were trained on the ground. It took but one trip to the East Coast Gem & Mineral Show to solidify my interest and set me on the path to serious collecting.

I look back fondly on those years as a time that first kindled my interest in minerals. The fire was fanned into full flame, however, after seeing case after case of astonishing natural treasures during a trip to my hometown. Jim & Gail Spann had built a world-class fine mineral collection, and I spent the next several years observing and learning from them. I was truly proud as they won the Desautels Trophy at the TGMS in 2008.

To fine tune my knowledge and prepare me for work with collector gemstones, I earned my Graduate Gemologist degree from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

On a personal note, I am extremely pleased to have a wife (Melissa) who has caught the collecting "bug" and four children who bless me greatly (Maylee, Aiden, Lilliana, James Lucas). It's a beautiful thing: we went on a hike just today, and what did I little ones with pockets bulging with rocks!

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Tom Spann - Dallas area
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