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In this regular feature, we will display an elite specimen and discuss its merits as a masterpiece. We firmly believe that a masterpiece can cost $100 or $1,000,000 and transcends categories such as size.


Apatite on Siderite Panasqueira Portugal purple cabinet specimen

Apatite on Siderite
Panasqueira, Castelo Branco Dist., Portugal
10.3 x 7.2 x 6.7 cm w/4.3 x 3.0
Gail & Jim Spann Collection

Glassy luster and superb color arrest the eye in this world-class fluorapatite specimen from the famous Panasqueira locality in Portugal. Exceedingly few specimens show the rich purple color of this specimen, which boasts a vibrant middle zone surrounded by a more transparent, near colorless outer layer. The main crystal measures 4.3 by 3.0 cm and is accented by several very gemmy additional crystals. The isolation of the main crystal on the contrasting, tabular yellow-gold siderite crystals adds to the allure here. While not apparent from the photo, this specimen is equally fine viewed from the back where can be found a whole host of associated minerals including zoned purple fluorites, smoky quartz and drusy pyrite to name a few. Pristine and absolutely stunning.

–Key Attributes: Color, Luster, and Arrangement

Thomas Spann photo


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